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Gourmet Duo Plus

Gourmet Duo Plus is the extension of the musical group Gourmet Duo.

Gourmet Duo was founded in 2010 by pianist and singer Yvetta Uustalu and bassist Tõnis Tüür. After the success of the debut album “Secret Marriage” they continued to develop this wonderful musical group to find more sound colors and so the quartet Gourmet Duo Plus was created.


The new members are Marko Mägi on sopran saxophone and Indrek Tetsmann on drums. The musical gourmet of Gourmet Duo Plus is diverse, delicious and rich.


All musicians draw inspiration from jazz, pop, and classical music.


They are very appreciated in Moscow and invited for the second time to the Interantional Vocal Jazz Festival in Moscow called “Jazz Voices”.

Gourmet Duo Plus - 2012 suvi pulmapeol
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